Monday, May 6, 2013

I am a better BLOCKER than I am a BLOGGER

Well, here I am...Over a year later writing in my blog.  I am not very good at this thing.  
Wonder why....?
Is it this mental BLOCK I have about being real about my feelings?  
Feelings are exhausting.  
Truth about me?   I am a better BLOCKER than I am a BLOGGER.
Yet, here I am...again.

I think the recent events that are happening in my life have brought me back to this page.
Feeling the need to record my thoughts.
To document this moment in which I am living.

To warm are some pic's of the kids.  Stay tuned to this  blog though...I'm going to be sharing more  really soon.

Thirteen and Counting

My baby boy turned 13 last month.  Thirteen?  How does that happen?  
I have watched Coen mature throughout the last year.  My true goal in life is to show him a God that loves him unconditionally.  To help him find his God-given purpose...not only in life...but in each day.  And to fall in love with Jesus...more and more.  Above all...may he find and experience how REAL God is...and how often God pursues each of us every day.

Yes that is a huge donut!  Leave it to a teenager to toss the traditional birthday cake out.  He likes to be different.  I'm all for being unique but please don't take it out on the butter cream frosting.  We made up for it with Josh's cake :)

Josh is 10

If anything...Josh enjoys life. This year he is really into Mine Craft. 
It's funny too see the all the hype over this pixilated video game.  Compared to all the perfected digital games out kinda compares to kids playing with the box that the gift came in.  

His birthday was a blast at the bowling alley.  His cake was delicious.  EXTRA butter cream frosting.  Little Stirr, you never let me down.

Of course, I have the same spiritual hope for Josh.  He was baptized last year.  It is a joy to see how Josh processes life... and how God is very much part of his thoughts and the choices that he makes.  I love being a mom.