Thursday, January 19, 2012

Psalm 11

Psalm 11
The Message (MSG)
A David Psalm

1-3 I've already run for dear life straight to the arms of God. So why would I run away now when you say, "Run to the mountains; the evil bows are bent, the wicked arrows Aimed to shoot under cover of darkness at every heart open to God. The bottom's dropped out of the country; good people don't have a chance"?

4-6 But God hasn't moved to the mountains; his holy address hasn't changed. He's in charge, as always, his eyes taking everything in, his eyelids Unblinking, examining Adam's unruly brood inside and out, not missing a thing. He tests the good and the bad alike; if anyone cheats, God's outraged. Fail the test and you're out, out in a hail of firestones, Drinking from a canteen filled with hot desert wind.

7 God's business is putting things right;
he loves getting the lines straight,
Setting us straight.
Once we're standing tall, we can look him straight in the eye.

My thoughts on this Psalm:
God is for me and with me, no matter where the enemy tries to send me.
The enemy hates me. No matter where I am.

God protects matter where I am. I never stop being His kid.
Gods judgement doesnt soften for me.
Gods lines of judgement are straight.
Just because I am HIS, doesnt mean that He loves me more than others who do not yet know Him. right?
He tests us BOTH. He doesn't do this to prove Himself. He does this for me to remember WHO HE is. He does this so I can check myself spiritually. Am I who HE wants me to be? Do I represent Him well?
It means that I can rest in the fact that I know Him and He knows me.
I can "forget not His benefits". I can abide in His blessings. He gets me and knows me and I cannot ever snow Him...or put ONLY "my best foot forward" for Him. Truth is Truth in His eyes. I need to model after His characterists and make any necessary SELF adjustments along the way so that I may walk with Him and so that my heart is in line with HIS heart. He is NOT gonna take a detour with me. It is up to me to bring my focus on HIS plan and to walk with HIM. After all, HE knows the way best. :)