Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chistmas EVE

The boys got 2 early Christmas Presents this year. Baby Guinea Pigs, named Butterfinger and Oliver. Butterfinger is 3 weeks old....and Oliver is 6 weeks old. It is so neat how different their personalities are. Oliver is very verbal... making all sorts of noises. And Butterfinger is calm and relaxed. Just sits in your hand...and chills. They are both so adorable. The boys love them already....and so do I. (still trying to fill some of the void that our Golden Retriever, Alex, left a few years ago. - since we are not in puppy mode right now.) ALSO...our sweet Holland Lopped Bunny died last weekend. Coen was devastated. I was sad too...we loved him so! He was like a puppy. Always wanting help and to lay under the dining room table. He has left a void as well. So, these little guinea pigs will be very loved.

Butterfinger lives in Coen's room.

Oliver lives in Josh's room.

Here are the boys on Christmas Eve.
Coen Tradition is that you open ONE present on Christmas Eve.

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Christmas Eve 2008.
Coen and Josh - photo taken before going to Christmas Eve Service.

Da Fam

Getting read for Santa

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O Christmas Tree...

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Finally asleep :)

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Photo's of Christmas morning

santa came!

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Coen was so excited to giva Daddy a nerf gun!

Pirate faces....

Jedi faces!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Meet Oliver! An early Christmas gift to the boys.

He is 4 weeks old. He is black and brown and so sweet.
The boys were SO excited when they came home from school yesterday and saw him.
Actually, he rode with me in the van to get them from the bus stop.
A surprise for sure.

I gotta quit going to the pet store for bunny food!!
Good thing they dont sell puppies!!

We hope that he and the bunny (Hopper Floppy Brammer) are great friends.

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