Sunday, August 31, 2008

Coen is #37. He is playing Safety.
This is clip of him playing yesterday. He tackles the guy.....finally :)
Soooo cute :)
Go Ramblers!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A few more pics of me and my boys!

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First day of school

First day of school for Coen and Josh.
Coen went on Tues th 26th - 3rd grade
Josh started on Wed - Kindergarten.
Josh was so excited...and after his first day....he still is excited!
Coen is adjusting...he is a little nervous about 3rd grade.
They both will do just fine~!

Mommy did well too. I think that Josh being so happy and excited helped me tremendously.
He is just ready.
So, that is good.
Coen is a pro by now....since he is a big 3rd grader!

The morning of Josh's first day...I heard Coen say "I am so proud" for Josh.
He is realizes that his little brother is growing up.

Here are some pic's of the day...

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Coen's first football game

Today was a neat day.
Today, my son, Coen (8), played in his first official football scrimmage.
Of course, at the age of 8, we are playing for 100% fun. And he is having so much fun! Until recently, Coen was not really interested in playing sports a whole lot. We realized that alot of it had to do with confidence. A couple of his friends asked him to play football...and HE wanted to play. It was neat to see him excited about a sport! And we knew that the coaching staff was stocked with great guys who boost each players esteem and discipline them to play as a team. He has had practice every day for the past 2 weeks...(excluding weekends) and has enjoyed each 2 hour practice...hanging with the boys :) As a mom, I am moved by the team atmosphere that surrounds Coen. A community exists in sports. A belonging. His smile when he is playing is priceless. I pray that he learns much from this experience. Confidence, Teamwork, Endurance. All fine attritubes to learn at an early age :) Here are some pictures of him playing Saftey today :)
GO Ramblers! Coen #37 - Aug 2008

Friday, August 15, 2008

Disney Vacation 2008

Ok. So, it has been a couple of days since I have gotten to blog. I am grabbing a few minutes now to post some Disney pictures. We had an amazing time with the boys. Coen is 8 and Josh is it was so magical for all of us. Just seeing their faces light up. I know now...more than ever that getting alone with just the 4 of us... is so important. So bonding. We want to go back to The Kingdom soon. I better start saving now :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Living In The Moment this is my first actual Blog Spot. I mean, I have blogged before...but is serious. A BLOG. What pressure :) I have created this help me to be more aware of the moment. I have 2 beautiful boys...and now that my younger son is about to enter Kindergarten...I am very aware of how quickly the time is flying by. So, here is to future blogging about daily conversations and precious moments with my sweet children, my amazing husband...and my dear family and friends! May we each find time in our busy days to see Christ blanketing our paths with favor!
Thank you, God, for amazing moments!