Saturday, September 20, 2008

Football game on Sept 13th

Coen played great last weekend. He is really enjoying football.
His grandparents, Aunt and Cousins came up to see him and to celebrate Daddy's birthday. It was a great weekend!
Coen waves from the field after a good tackle!

What a handsome guy!

The Bram Fam!
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Coen tackle video

Cool tackle by Coen last weekend!

Check out the video

Click to see video.

Happy 38th!

Coen poses with Pappaw for a quick picture before the game.

All smiles in the stands!
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Friday, September 5, 2008

Disney Blues I have the Disney blues. Vacation was so fun. So, I am in the mood to blog....Thought I would do so and add more disney photos as my some of my friends have here goes.... by the the end of each page click on "older posts" to see more. I tried to keep them in order. And this is just some of the 870 pictures that I took. It was SO fun!

The best advice soon as you arrive in Disney....even before you check into your room and unpack.....TO GO A CHARACTER BREAKFAST or lunch. It is wonderful. It kicks the entire vacation off for the entire family and you are not chasing Mickey and Minnie and friends around Disney the whole week....or waiting in long lines to see them. When you happen to see them is icing :) This is our first Chef Mickey in the Contemporary resort. (we stayed at the Wilderness Lodge though)

All my boys with Pluto.

Coen and Josh with Donald.

AB ...starring in... "Pimp my Hat".

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Daddy and Josh pose for a picture.

The boys love escalators....ALL 3 of them!

These kids are so trained....mommy says smile and they just do it!

Driving up to The Wilderness Lodge.
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Cool pics of inside the Wilderness Lodge

The gardening at Disney is amazing!

Josh drove for the first time!
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Finally inside The Kingdom!

This is the boat dock walking from The W Lodge.
We parked our car and never saw it again until we checked out. We used the boat, the tram and the bus then entire was so nice!

The boys loved their bunk beds.

This is our room.
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The view from our room.

Picture opportunity from the grounds of The Floridian Resort.

Still at The Floridian. Coen and Josh pose like Mickey.

On the tram :)
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At Epcot. We really enjoyed Epcot. Although, we forgot to go inside of this huge ball! I guess we were a little busy and left this huge thing out...But, there is always next time.

Don't judge me!

How cute is this boy?

Mommy and Coen outside of NEMO.
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Coen and Nemo.

Another Character Event. This is in Epcot. We ate a great family style meal and visited with Chip and Dale, Pluto and Mickey.

Chip gives Josh a high-five!

Pluto sneaks up on Coen!
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Coen give Mickey a hug!

Mommy and Coen

Dale poses with the boys.

Chip lovin on Coen
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