Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Loving the sunshine

We had winter this year. I mean....we really saw snow. It was so neat. We got to play in the snow, enjoyed a few snow days off school, watched it blanket the yard and woods. It was beautiful. It was a great thing. But, I am so ready for the snow to go...and the sunshine to stay.
The last 5 days or so have been georgeous. Sun shining.....high 50's. Birds are chirping! Spring is right around the corner and I am glad :) Yesterday, I opened the curtains to see the sunshine come into the room. I cleaned the windows so nothing would hinder the beams of light from filling the room. It was great. I had more energy. I felt happy. Isnt it alot like when we experience Winter in our lives? In our hearts? I call it a "funk". We look around...we see the coldness....we are aware of the bitter moments....we cannot shake it. Then, after a season...it passes. Sun comes back into our lives chasing away the funk...and we are glad.

We really experienced winter this year....and because of that...Spring looks all the better. Thank You ,God, for allowing us to learn from the Winters in our lives...it helps us value the Spring all the more! Take that for what its worth to you today :)

Things I love # 22- I 28

Ok...so gotta finish this idea of things I love in honor of February. Because #22 I love to finish things. #23 I love my Day Planner #24 I love being task driven. #25 I love a clean house #26 I love quality time with friends #27 I love hearing my kids laugh #28 I love making AB smile.
This Februaru BLOG project was fun :) I am encaouraged to blog more often now. Hmmmm...wonder what my next blogging goal should be????