Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hard Work

Man oh Man...I am tired. I just dug out some of our landscaping. 8 years of dirt and mulch that surrounded a "landscaped" tree. I moved all the dirt to the top of our little hill (where the boys tried to literally dig to china) with a borrowed wheel barrow....dumped the dirt...raked the dirt...and planted grass seed. (to cover where the boys tried to dig to China). I watered the seed...and am now thinking about how good my therapeutic massage is going to feel this Friday. Tomorrow will be busy with planting plants and replacing the mulch around that tree. I also pruned that tree today. Very needed. Then, I will move to the next project in the yard. I like being busy. I like being productive. I like when things are in order. I love seeing the finished product. I was a busy girl today. Now, time to tuck the boys in and relax.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009
Me and my boys!

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So, I have this compelling thought to really be aware of margin...in my day...in my life. Or maybe I should say...the absence of margin. "Life happens in the margins", I recently heard. Why is life so busy? Why do we feel drawn to add MORE to our days? Why do I feel guilty when there are dishes in the sink or when the floors are dirty? What makes us think that we are living life with un-limited time? There will always be things to do. And I KNOW in my Knower that when I choose the better thing in life (ex. time with my family, time with my dear friends, time to serve) I am never sorry. Life really does happen in the margins. Every time I schedule MARGIN...I am always more fulfilled, socially, spiritually. I feel like a better wife, mommy, friend...and the truth is...I AM a better wife, mommy and friend...when I have margin in my day. My favorite new thing? Bible Study in my van. I take my Bible and a study book...and my journal and I go early to get the boys from school. I sit in my van with my margin time....and I read...and I have time alone with God. I am contained. There are no dusty shelves to see...or dishes in the sink. It is good. And...I am always surprised at how quickly the time goes by...and how I crave MORE of it...MORE of Him. AND on the days when I blow it....when I think I can do 'one more thing' before I go to get the boys...and I make myself hurried...and there is NO margin...I am a different girl. I am grumpy and stressed...and not only do I suffer...but so do my kido's. Even my health suffers. It is amazing how when I rob myself from margin...those around me suffer too. In the morning when I hit the snooze one too many times....I rob myself of margin...and I rob my kids of margin too. How many times do I rob others of their margin, because I have tried to fit too much into my day?

My prayer:
Father, help me to see what really matters today. Help me to find balance. Help me to hunger for margin...and bless that margin! You always do! :) Help me more and more to LIVE IN THE MOMENT :)