Monday, August 24, 2009

Time with Poppie

Here is my daddy with all his grandsons. We got to see him this weekend.
Poppie with Grayson, Josh, Luke and Coen (left to right)

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Molly is one.

We giggled at her putting her entire head into the gift bags....she loved her treats!

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Celebrating Molly's first birthday!

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hanging out on vacation. Trying to pause a little and breathe. Just breathe. Time never stops, ya know. Before we know it...summer flies by and we stop thinking about sunscreen and begin thinking about No 2 pencils. :) My baby boys are going to be in 4th and 1st grades. How does that happen so quickly. Time. It's not always forgiving. It just doesnt stop. Time doesnt wait for a shoe to be tied. Time doesnt wait for a nap to doesnt pause for really bad things like an illness or a death. And what does it have against my TO DO LIST? Life just goes on. Time goes on.

Get on board, Im thinkin'!! Join in....and run with it. Maybe I can beat time a little....NOT by adding more to do...and working faster and harder...but by creating more time SEEMS to be on my side too. Maybe the unorganized closets are not as high of a priority as they once were???? But, petting for AB and the boys....and laughing more ARE higher on the TO DO LIST! Yeah, I like that idea!!

Life....a constant ride. I am thrilled to be doing this life with AB, Coen and Josh and now, sweet Molly. I am so blessed to know that God is good. God is on my side. If HE IS FOR ME...what and who can be against me? This a good place to be....The next life...will be even greater! For today...Im gonna pause...breathe and take it ALL in!!! Sunscreen anyone???