Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Reading. I want to love it...but I dont. I am so easily distracted that by the end of the paragraph, I have no idea what I have read and I have recited my To Do list in my head. UHHHH! I hate this fact. The funny thing is that I LOVE BOOKS. I love to buy books. I love their concepts. I love all the work put into them. I love the encouragement they give. The places they take me....I just cannot focus well and soon give up on the reading.

So....I dont like I dont do it! Makes no sense. The desire is there. The admiration of the piece of art that a book is to there....but I lack in motivation.

This is where DISCIPLINE is coming into my life right now.
Basically, I am beginning to make myself do the things that I dont FEEL like doing...but know those things are good for me and will enrich my life. Reading His word, eating better, exercise, quality time with my husband and kids, blogging, just things that are good....things I need....but are NOT demanded like the rest of life.

I want MORE of God.
I want to be closer to my Sweet Husband.
I want to enjoy my boys.
I want to be healthy.
I want to have self control when there is cake and icing in the house.
I want to journal and blog to encourage others around me.
No one demands these things......I think it is time for me to step up and demand them!